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Noctem Ordeum

Who are we?  We are a guild who have come from various tiers of raiding, high and low, all different skills, from newbs to epic pro's, to create a home where we all come together to make each other better both ingame and out.  We're a colorful bunch, we say what we want, when we want, but have the sense to respect those not only with our tag, but the people outside of our guild.  We dont demand respect, we've earned it.

What are we?  We are guild hell bent on learning and pushing progression while having a great time doing it.  We help one another, we gear one another, we do anything and everything we can to make each person in this guild better any way we can.  We currently have Tier 7 Raid content on farm and are preparing for the release of Tier 8 content.

Where are we?  Terokkar, Horde Side, raiding and pillaging every strip bar and raid instance in all of Northrend.

Who can I contact?  Padraig (GM), Tasuki(Raid Leader), Grodanda(Raid Leader), Macvsog/Specophealer(Officer), Igbag(Officer), Nathrakh(Officer), and Deathrus(Officer) are our contacts if you have any questions, concerns, or showing interest in being a member of Noctem.

Currently our raid times will be between 8:30PM - 12:30AM server time (Central), Monday through Wednesday.  If you think you fit the mold, we are accepting applications for various classes.

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